Our Voyages

“We humans, are not isolated in this world, we are luckily part of a much intrinsic, complex and extraordinary network of beautiful wild pieces, that is our natural world”

© Tony How

Sailing in the Arctic changes us forever. The spectacular and diverse arctic scenery and its wildlife is simply outstanding and found nowhere else.


This journey is not only about the superficial beauty, but most importantly about the meaningful beauty that happens inside each of us.  Sailing the Arctic is a truly touching experience that helps us to realize how dependent we are from nature and how important it is to preserve these fragile areas that are the main engine of our existence on this planet. It is a journey of discovery inside out.

A fresh reminder of who we are and where we belong…


The Tilvera is a cozy ship with practical cabins, spacious main saloon with a cozy library and a deck house  seating area with panoramic views.


Her spacious deck and good access to the zodiacs used for landings is the perfect platform for exploring the high latitudes and access remote places where other bigger ships cannot. 

  • Please note that exact route and timings may vary depending on the wind and weather conditions. This is part of the adventure of sailing! Our strength is going with nature, never against, and still make the best out of every circumstance. Thus, there are plenty amazing places and alternative ways to explore these unique landscapes from the Tilvera.
  • Languages: English, German and Spanish spoken on every tour.
  • We recommend that you arrive at least one day before the tour starts and book your flight home at least  one day after the tour finishes.

Upcoming Voyages

Days: 8
Dates: May 26 – June 2
Price: from 2.900 EUR

Days: 10
Dates: June 4 – 13
Price: from 3.800 EUR

Days: 6
Dates: June 15 – 20
Price: from 1.100 EUR

Days: 9
Dates: June 22 – 30
Price: from 2.100 EUR

Days: 9
Dates: July 1 – 9
Price: from 2.100 EUR

Days: 8
Dates: July 10 – 17
Price: from 1.480 EUR


With North Sailing

Days: 7
Dates: Weekly from July 22 – Sept 11
Price: from 6.800 EUR


With North Sailing

Days: 13 / Dates: Sept 13th -25th
Price: 7.700 EUR