Tilvera Code

We offer meaningful and transformative experiences based on our Tilvera Code. Our Code is the foundation of our culture, and values which guides our lifestyle, supports our practices and helps life on Earth

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The foundation of Tilvera project and our lifestyle lies on the theory of Change “Wish – Act – Protect”. The world doesn’t change with our opinion but with our example. We work to make people falling in love with nature, so that they feel the urge to join the waves of action to guard our biodiversity, and we help you to get there

travel with a purpose

Through powerful experiences at sea, we constantly seek for ways to find our potential as individuals in order to give back to nature. We help people to make a positive change and become better to ourselves and to the natural world


Guided by the natural elements our knowledge and passions, we like to leave all signs of civilization behind and to embrace timelessness. We venture to find a space to connect with ourselves and become one with nature. This is why you won’t find detailed itineraries or travelling packages


On the same way that we choose to keep away from commercial business and regular tourism to further focus on dedicated and meaningful experiences, we encourage you to be yourself.  Remember, the ocean is the only place on Earth where humans cannot build walls


We love being inspired by people with similar ideas that can help us to become better and the other way around. Inspiration is the drive for change and is the essence of our work

Team work

We don’t receive guests but participants. We embrace people that is interested in actively taking part in the daily things going on onboard as much as you like to learn about sailing and life onboard


Often the power of social media is controversial and can end up exploiting remote and fragile natural areas by exposing them to human activities and unregulated tourism. For this reason, we encourage you to take fewer pictures and embrace more the moments. By keeping a low profile in social media when posting (for example don’t mentioning exact locations or choosing carefully the message). This way you help us preserving these sacred places and its biodiversity.