Sailing schedule 2024

Trip nrDatesRouteCaptainDaysPrice (EUR)
1April 14-28Húsavík (IS) – Jan Mayen- Svalbard (sails and whale research) Heimir15From 2.400
2May 1-8Svalbard: Ice Axe Expeditions Ski & Sail Heimir8Sold out
3May 8-16Svalbard: Ice Axe Expeditions Ski & Sail Heimir8Sold out
4May 18-24Svalbard: Hope Expedition (with Ocean Missions) Heimir7Available
5May 26-June 2Svalbard: Wildlife Reconnect Heimir8Sold out
6June 4-13Svalbard: Wildlife ReconnectHeinz10From 3.800
7June 15-20Longyearbyen – Tromsø: One with the Blue Heinz6From 1.100
8June 22-30Tromsø – Bodø: Lucious Lofoten Daiane9From 2.825
9July 1-9Bodø – Tromsø: Lucious Lofoten Heimir9Sold out
10July 10-17Tromsø – Húsavík (IS): In the Wake of VikingsHeimir8From 1.480
11July 22- 31Húsavík (IS) – Scoresby Sound, East Greenland (with North Sailing)Heimir10From 6.800
12July 31-Aug 7East Greenland (with North Sailing)Heimir8From 6.800
13Aug 7-14 East Greenland (with North Sailing)Daiane8Sold out
14Aug 14-21East Greenland (with North Sailing)Daiane8Sold out
15Aug 21-28East Greenland (with North Sailing)Daiane8From 6.800
16Aug 28-Sept 4East Greenland (with North Sailing)Heimir8From 6.800
17Sept 4-11East Greenland (with North Sailing)Heimir8Sold out
18Sept 11-23East Greenland ExtendedHeimir13From 7.700