Tromsø – Húsavík Iceland: In the Wake of Vikings

Tromsø – Húsavík Iceland: In the Wake of Vikings

Photo: Frits Meyst

Dates: July 10 – 17

Days: 8

Miles: 800

Price: from 1.480 EUR

In the wake of the Vikings, this tour is for those who want to make a real ocean crossing


  • Small arctic villages and breathtaking coastal landscapes
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Live the pirate life, gain sailing skills and learn about conservation in the open sea!
  • Learn about the Viking history and ancient navigation
  • Explore two of the most stunning arctic countries, Norway and Iceland
  • Amazing sea birds and majestic whale encounters in the “whale capital”

To get your sea legs we start by crossing Vestfjorden to Reine, a small village with breathtaking mountains around on the Moskenesoya island in Lofoten. The length of stay there depends on the weather forecast for the approximately 700 NM stretch of sea that lies ahead on our route towards Iceland.

Once out on the open sea life falls into a beautiful rhythm where we become one with nature. We notice how seabirds become fewer around but the hope for larger whales to be spotted increases instead.  Everyone onboard is encouraged to take part in the navigation and sailing with watches being 4 hours “on” and 8 hours “off”, day and night. Food for body and soul is essential, where the heart of the ship, the galley and the cozy saloon with a loaded library becomes the center of attention.  The bright and spacious deckhouse is also a good option for hanging out, playing cards, reading a book or sharing stories with fellow sailors.

On day 5 or 6, depending on if mother nature was on our side this time we’ll  start seeing the same island as the Vikings did more than eleven hundred years ago rise to the surface.  We sail around the cape of Langanes and onwards along the coast until we reach the semi- homeport of Tilvera, Húsavík, often referred to as the whale watching capital of Iceland.   With some time in store and the wind under our sails we might go for anchor in a beautiful remote place as well as watching whales and birds, including some of the biggest colonies of Atlantic puffins along the coast. Humpback whales, minke whales and white beaked dolphins are commonly seen at this time of the year. Even larger whales like fin whales or even blue whales may be spotted during the crossing if we are very lucky, since they come through these waters to feed on krill and small fish. Other amazing sea birds we may see are the magnificent gannet (the biggest sea bird in Europe), guillemots, skuas, and the amazing  arctic tern, which perform the largest migration on Earth, navigating from pole to pole!

During this crossing you will learn a lot about wildlife and ocean conservation and since we are far from phone connection , it is a good time to harmonize with the oceans and listen to our inner self. We will reflect upon what can we do to be part of the solution considering the threats our oceans are facing and about sustainability.

“Húsavík” , – our home town – means the “creek of houses”, and it is believed to be the oldest place name in Iceland since settler Ingólfur Arnarson came there and realized that someone had already been there (Swedish Viking, Gardar Svavarsson) and built some houses.   This is the perfect place to start an Iceland vacation or simply to travel back to your homes since Husavík is well connected by road or air. Once in Husavík, you can keep learning about whales visiting the amazing whale museum in town, visit the Ocean Missions room and learn about conservation efforts or simply hike to the beautiful lighthouse to relax and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets and perhaps some Icelandic horses.

Iceland is truly a magical place and you don’t need to go far away to find yourself alone with nature. So, welcome to our little beautiful home! 

To top up this experience we will make a celebration onboard when we cross the Arctic Circle (66˚34) and before we know it we will arrive in Bodø where it is time to say bye to your new friends!