Tromsø – Bodø: Luscious Lofoten

Tromsø – Bodø: Luscious Lofoten

June 22 – 30 (Tromsø – Bodø)
July 1 – 9 (Bodø – Tromsø)

Days: 9

Miles: 350

Price: from 2.100 EUR

With relatively short sailing distance covered, this tour is ideal for those that want a good amount of time on land enjoying incredible hikes and scenic landings. Lofoten is often considered one of the world’s most beautiful places with countless sheltered fjords, creeks and stunning mountains, so undoubtedly a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

The changing light and weather shape the landscapes as colors change constantly bringing fresh and vibrant emotions! A breathtaking place that fills you with pure air and connects you with the wild elements of our amazing natural world: air, earth, wind and our favorite, the water!

The spectacular Trollfjord with its sheer cliffs might be considered one of the highlights but several idyllic anchorages will be chosen carefully to make the tour as pleasant as possible and enjoy the pure natural landscapes that surround us. Since Tilvera is not a big ship it is possible for us to explore further and find “secret” anchor spots where not many other boats can access. Enjoy an amazing meal onboard Tilvera and relax on deck surrounded by impressive mountains and narrow channels. Relax and take in the pure air in these unspoilt arctic fjords.

It is time now to interact with some local communities and learn about the traditions and fishing spirit in these latitudes. We continue sailing towards Henningsvaer, a vibrant fishing village and the quaint little cozy Nusfjord village, which are among the more interesting and beautiful small communities.  With good weather we can start getting ready for an exciting crossing over to Ofoten, where the plan is to anchor in a dream-like location. Exploring from a boat like Tilvera is very flexible and we reach amazing places that are not accessible by land and the perspective from the ocean is a unique feeling. We somehow feel more connected to the landscape and the ocean is the most natural way of increasing our mental health and disconnect from the stress we are exposed to in our daily lives.

With this open mind spirit, we will explore over a week exploring this outstanding nature before Tilvera sails you gently across Vestfjorden towards Bodø where the tour ends.

After this special tour, you will be fulfilled, bursting with positive energy, you will have learned how to sail and how to care about our planet. You would have challenged yourself and made friends for life!

With your back bag full of unforgettable memories and emotions we say bye and until the next adventure!