Longyearbyen – Tromsø: One with the Blue

Longyearbyen – Tromsø: One with the Blue

Dates: June 15 – 20

Days: 6

Miles: variable

Price: from 1.100 EUR

Welcome onboard our Tilvera” our existence”. On this journey we have a purpose: we want to break through and reconnect with our oceans and the wind, but we also want to explore to be able to learn and love, and we protect what we love. On this journey we stand for nature!


  • Infinite sunsets and long days
  • Learn about navigation and participate actively in the sailing
  • Help the crew finding polar bears, arctic foxes and whales
  • Explore the remains and learn about the whaling history

This transformative journey starts in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, but soon we will set sails and navigate across the Isfjord towards Trygghamna (Safe Harbour). An historical whaling harbour surrounded by stark beauty and spectacular cliffs where bird life thrives as numerous colonies of glaucous gulls, kittiwakes, geese, Arctic skuas, and Brünnich’s guillemots, nest here. An ideal place to slow down and enjoy the bird sounds.  Here we can stay at anchor overnight. In these latitudes and this time of the year there is almost no darkness. This is truly a special experience, being overwhelmed by infinite sunsets and long days to explore and enjoy the arctic nature. This feeling will feel you with happiness, inner peace and inspiration.

  Next anchorage is likely the interesting Recherche fjord (named after the French corvette La Recherche) in the southern shores of Bellsund where reindeers are known to graze and where the Dutch build some whaling stations there in the first half of the seventeenth century, so we can explore the remains and learn about the whaling history while keeping an eye for arctic wildlife and we inhale the smells of the arctic mossy grass.

All along the way there might be chances of seeing the stunning arctic wildlife, so feel free to grab some binoculars and help us looking for the animals! Beluga whales are some of the most mysterious and fascinating creatures living only in the high arctic! Don’t miss them!  

Our next destination is the Hornsund fjord on the western side of the southernmost tip and one of the most beautiful fjords of Spitsbergen. Here, the towering snowy mountains will be the setting for a few days of exploration. Hornsund is very attractive. In the Polish Research Station, the varied geology and the glaciers attract researchers to study nature and climate change. The Hornsund is well-known for its large colonies of Little auks (Alle alle), although the colonies are difficult to access by tourists, and polar bears have been sighted here as well. Due to the unfortunate receding glaciers in the past century new bays and inlets have become accessible to explore.

Now it’s time to set sails and head south. We leave Spitsbergen behind and head towards the Norwegian landmass. During the crossing and if weather allows the wind will be our main engine and you will see Tilvera showing off her strength and resilience. Take the opportunity to learn about navigation and participate actively in the sailing, pulling ropes and adjusting the sails. We are more than happy to teach you!

On the way we may stop in the isolated Bear Island (mid-way between Spitsbergen and Norway) where, if possible due to wind and waves, we’ll anchor and make a landing ashore. This is an uninhabited island apart from a few people manning a weather station there in the summertime. Controversially, polar bears are rarely seen in the island and walruses have long since left although remnants of their presence can be seen. The island is also designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) as it is home to thousands of breeding seabirds including the Pink-footed and Barnacle Geese.

With mainland Norway ahead we look forward to entering the sheltered bays and stunning fjords of the Norwegian archipelago which we will explore before finally arriving in the lively town of Tromsø. This charming arctic city is an attraction of its own with interesting museums, culture and picturesque surroundings. You can also enjoy a relaxing hike, an ice-cream downtown and enjoy the midnight sun.

Full of happiness and inspiration our adventure finishes here and we say bye to the new friends we made on the way.

We hope to sail with you again!