Photo: Greet Dekker

M5 & M6 – Svalbard (West and North coast)

Svalbard (West and North coast)

Photo: Greet Dekker

M5 Dates: May 24- June 4

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M6 Dates: June 6 – 16

Days: 12

Days: 11

Miles: variable

Miles: variable

Price: 3.500 Eur

Price: 3.400 Eur

Breathtaking scenery, sustainable practices, experienced crew and unforgettable wildlife encounters. That is what you can expect during this marvelous voyage!


  • Incredible arctic wildlife encounters
  • Powerful glaciers and remote fjords
  • Relax and enjoy the midnight sun vibes, in a never ending twilight
  • Reach stirring latitudes and some of the northernmost settlements in the world
  • Stunning natural beauty of the Svalbard landscapes

Boarding in Longyearbyen, Svalbard we will welcome you onboard Tilvera!

Our first anchor spot will be most likely in the spectacular area of Trygghamna (Safe Harbour). An historical whaling harbour surrounded by stark beauty and spectacular cliffs where bird life thrives as numerous colonies of glaucous gulls, kittiwakes, geese, Arctic skuas, and Brünnich’s guillemots, nest here. An ideal place to slow down and enjoy the bird sounds. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and camera! We will sail across Alkhornet bird cliff which is particularly outstanding because of the thousands of kittiwakes breed here. Reindeers and foxes may be searching for food in the mossy grass. Then we continue towards Eidembukta, a geologist’s paradise.  We will be also on the lookout for possible polar bear tracks.

On our way North we sail through the Forlandsundet and pass Poolepynten where walruses are known to gather close to the accessible shore.  Minke whales and beluga whales can be spotted on the way towards the narrow outlet of the Forlandsund. This is a great opportunity to witness arctic wildlife while learning about their lives and the need of protecting the fragile Arctic and its species. We will carefully approach silently and respectfully to get some memorable shoots.

Ny Ålesund, one of the northernmost settlements in the world may be visited when sailing into the Kongsfjorden.  The village is mainly inhabited besides for some inspiring arctic scientists and it is known for being the starting point of polar expeditions led by Amundsen and Nobile.  Birds in the area include different species of colorful ducks and geese that can be sometimes very tame.  Arctic foxes and reindeer may be hanging around and sometimes even polar bears can be sighted. Observing a polar bear for the first time in his/her environment can be challenging but a truly life changing experience. There are few other animals’ species so majestic, impressive, and purely beautiful as the Arctic bear. 

The trip continues towards Fjords Kross where the magnificent “14th of July Glacier” is observed as well as immense and powerful glaciers in the backdrop.

A zodiac landing will be carried out if possible, to look for foxes, to observe and learn about the arctic flora.

On this day we sail to the Magdalena fjord which lies just below 80°North! Stirring latitudes especially compared to Antarctica where the furthest south is usually no more than 65°South. This is due to the relatively warm Gulf stream that leads up along the western coast of Svalbard.  In Magdalena fjord we anchor in the sheltered Trinity Harbour where we look at remains of old Dutch whaling operations.

If ice-free, Tilvera will take you towards Liefdefjord (Love fjord) via Smeerenburg and Sallyhamna, a sheltered anchorage.  Polar bear sightings are now more likely than ever. A likely anchorage is the lovely secluded Mushamna (Mouse harbor) in Liefdefjord and there we will witness the beauty of the amazing Monaco Glacier and the color contrast with the tundra landscape, among other natural wonders.

If weather conditions allow, the aim is now to anchor near the Bird Island, a remote and rarely visited place where will make a landing to explore the surroundings and feel the reconnection with nature. After reaching the most northern areas in beautiful Svalbard, now Tilvera takes a South course, sailing through the Fuglefjord (Bird fjord), Smeerenburg towards Isfjorden were we drop our anchor for the last time at Trygghamna to enjoy hopefully a wonderful dinner.

The last day we will arrive at Longyearbyen where everyone says goodbye to fellow explorers onboard the Tilvera, after an unforgettable journey along the fjords and coasts of Spitsbergen.