M17 – EAST Greenland (extended)

Scoresby Sound and crossing to Iceland

Photo: Belén G Ovide

Dates: Sept 13-25

Days: 13

Miles: 800

Price: 7.700 Eur

This is our last tour in 2023 and simply an epic voyage that you cannot miss!

There is an old saying that is “ there is a life before Greenland and another life after Greenland” so basically a truly life changing experience. But on top of that, it includes a two days exciting crossing to Iceland. So, you can visit two of the most breathtaking Nordic countries nature wise and cross the legendary Arctic Circle!

This tour is ideal for adventures, photographers and nature lovers but most importantly it is a call of action for people that wants to feel reborn, explorers that want to feel the adrenaline of the open ocean and want to challenge themselves and for those change makers that are eager to make a positive change for the planet and spread awareness about the need of protecting the fragile Arctic.

East Greenland is truly spectacular: vast, wild, and sparsely inhabited. In West Greenland, the influence of the warm water branching off the Gulf Current offers better weather conditions to live in year-round. It is not the case here, where it is only ice free and therefore accessible,  only during few months in the summer. This is indeed the biggest fjord system in the world and in one of the most remote places on Earth. It’s an arctic heaven with outstanding nature located in the outer limits of the world’s largest national park. An extraordinary journey of erosion, huge volcanoes, and glacial activity have created a dramatic landscape full of valleys, colorful mountains and steep cliffs that reveal more than 2 billion years of geological history.

Exceptionally, during this tour we would venture into the mouth of the North West fjord (the longest fjord in Scoresby Sound) where the biggest icebergs in the world are born (excluding icebergs broken off of Antarctica’s ice sheet). We will also venture in the stunning Gosefjord (south of Denmark Island in the fjord system) where impressive basalt mountains and amazing glaciers can be seen. Witnessing the breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier can be a truly magical and touching experience, especially considering the threats our glaciers are facing due to climate change. Ah! Of course, we have to mention that there are few things more special than sunsets in this place. The light reflecting in the icebergs, glaciers and the calm ocean create unreal scenes that will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

It is worth mentioning that Heimir (the passionate captain of Tilvera) has been sailing in this area since 2010 and undoubtedly, he will take you to the most outstanding anchor places, to secret spots and close to wildlife with the biggest respect for nature. Looking for arctic wildlife while silently entering the beautiful fjords is one of our favorite activities and although wildlife is scarce in these isolated places, still special encounters can occur if we are alert. We look for incredible arctic animals such as musk ox, little auks, and polar bears. A nature photographer will join us so you will have the chance to improve your photography skills if you like! The weather in the fjords is generally calm and sunny, bringing a golden opportunity to enjoy calm sailing, go hiking, go zodiac cruising around icebergs and of course take stunning pictures.

At this time of the year, the days are getting shorter and with that, the first Northern lights of the season can appear. The crossing to Iceland (Húsavík) normally takes up to two days. As you know the exact route and activities are weather dependent.  

Get ready for this! This is an exclusive tour, and we don’t know if we would go again! 

This is a tour in cooperation with North Sailing and you can read more about Greenland tours in their website : https://www.northsailing.is/tour/experience-greenland/