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Dates: April 14 – 28

Days: 15


  • 2.400 EUR (twin cabin)
  • 2.950 EUR (twin cabin with private facilities)

Become a whale expert, an ocean ambassador, an explorer and a real sailor!


  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Participate on Northern bottlenose whale research
  • Learn all about whales by top biologists and whale researchers
  • Explore some of the most unexplored places in the Arctic
  • Participate in sail handling and watches
  • Visit the weather station, meet the locals and explore the island of Jan Mayen
  • Sail Tilvera across the open ocean all the way to Svalbard

Welcome onboard our Tilvera” our existence”. On this journey we will venture to the wild Arctic waters in a remarkable mission to bring Tilvera to Svalbard, one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas.

On this journey we stand for our marine biodiversity!

©HYPMO Project

This journey is a truly an adventure for those who like to be involved in the art of whale research, conservation and sailing.

We start the journey in Iceland, land of fire and ice, our home and the home of the whales. We ll set sails to Jan Mayen, a tiny volcanic island 350 miles North of Iceland. Jan Mayen is one of the most isolated places in the world and home to the northernmost active volcano. This Norwegian territory has no native population but currently 18 people live there and work at the weather station, which we would have the chance to visit and learn about climate change.

Few people have ventured into these fragile and remote island and in order to get there we need a special permission. This island is covered by glaciers and impressive volcanic formations and the weather can be harsh and unpredictable.  Seabirds such as puffins and fulmars choose this slopes as nesting grounds.

In the cold waters of Jan Mayen, we will be looking for the mysterious Northern Bottlenose Whale. Thanks to a successful collaboration with our colleagues at HYPMO project and the University of Iceland, we will together aim to gather valuable scientific data about these rare and fascinating whale species. beaked whales are some of the least understood species because of their extreme diving, sparse distribution and deep-water habitat. When feeding, these toothed whales can reach over 1000m depth looking for small fish and squid.

© HYPMO Project

To study these animals, we teamed up with some of the top researchers at HYPMO project. For this purpose, Tilvera will be equipped with special scientific equipment (such as towing hydrophones arrays, acoustic buoys, DNA kit samples, and professional cameras).

Only by using this special equipment and if weather allows, we increase the chances to detect them and gather valuable information about their biology. The team will teach you all about whales so that you can be part of the research team and learn about whale science!

We ll keep sailing towards Svalbard on an almost a week of sailing!

 Hold fast! It is time for the real adventure!

 All sails up and here we go!

For nearly a week out in the open ocean, you will join the sailing team and sail Tilvera to the North. By being on a sailing watch, you can increase your sailing skills, and learn everything about sail handling and navigation (both modern and old school) from our experienced crew.

Once in Svalbard, and If weather and time are on our side, we will spend some days showing you the wonders of this marvelous Island and search for wildlife. Polar bears, reindeers, and walruses are some of the most common species we can find there.

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