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Photo by Frits Meyst

Hold your reservation for two weeks

We wait for you

If you are thinking about joining some of the tours on Tilvera but you are not sure yet, we are happy to make a reservation for you for two weeks so you can think about it.

Ready to set sails

We cant wait to see you!

If you are sure about booking a tour on Tilvera, you can book online.
Please fill in the Booking Form as completely as possible. Note that many ports of call require passports to be valid for at least 6 months from the departure date. Renew your passport in time and send that information to us later.

Your booking is finished when you have received a confirmation and invoice from us. The invoice shows the payment conditions and our bank details.
We will then send more practical information regarding your tour. A few weeks before departure we send updated information about ship accessibility, and the specific berth location of Tilvera.

General payment terms

  1. If the sailing trip takes place within a year after booking:
    50% is due upon booking
    50% is due no later than six weeks before the trip
    (If you have booked within 6 weeks before the trip, then 100% of the fare is paid directly.)
  2. If a journey takes place more than a year after the booking:
    30% is due upon booking
    30% is due 6 months before the start of the journey
    40% is due no later than six weeks before the trip

See our terms and conditions

If you would like some help with finding flights and places to stay you can contact Manon Eeken:

Phone. 023-576 21 05

Enjoy your preparations! We hope to see you soon onboard the Tilvera!

” Isn´t it our job as humans to be collecting great memories? “

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