M1 – Enkhuizen – Bodø

Enkhuizen – Bodø

Along the Norwegian Coast

Dates: April 5-19

Days: 15

Miles: 1100

Price: 1800 Eur

This first tour of the season 2023 is meant for adventurous nature lovers that enjoy the actual sailing experience and hiking!


  • Learn all you ever wanted about navigation from professional seafarers
  • Participate setting the sails, navigating the ship and being part of crew watches
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Witness the explosion of life that the spring time brings to the Arctic regions!

Our adventure will start in the Netherlands, at the Ijsselmeer (if we depart from Enkhuizen) or in Den Helder where we will set sails into the wild ocean. During three days of crossing and if weather allows the wind will be our main engine and you will see Tilvera showing off her strength and resilience until we will spot the outstanding mountainous coast of Norway. Keep an eye for whales and dolphins! With the course set for the old, historic port of Stavanger, excitement increases and it is a good feeling to stretch our legs in a new land.

From Stavanger we will organize our first hike to see the impressive rock of Preikestulen (600 m. vertical cliff)  with spectacular views to Lysefjord! If you don’t feel like hiking, an alternatively a bus can be taken from the small harbour below the cliff.

The voyage continues with cruising in sheltered waters along some of the most beautiful fjords of Norway. At this point, we may consider sailing to the famous Hardangerfjord and the scenic village of Sundal.

Once in this area,  you can enjoy zodiac cruises, landings, hikes, lunch and dinner on deck, lectures and drinks with your fellow crew mates. We can drop and lift anchorage nearly  every day to explore and learn about beautiful places, slowly making our way, enjoying the infinite colors of the spring during the day and the spectacle that the universe offers at night (if clear skies) in these remote natural landscapes. Finally, we’ll arrive in the bustling town of Bergen. From Bergen we will sail north along the coast exploring the shores and looking for wildlife.

With the spring just around the corner, birdlife is almost bursting as seabirds are approaching land after a long winter at sea, for the breeding season! It is time for keen photographers to show their skills.

Of course, the more North we sail the more the twilight increases and the magic colors, orange red and pinks tones that together with the scenery leaves no-one untouched. Thousands of spectacular seabirds such as the mighty gannet, the giant sea eagle and the colorful Atlantic puffins can be seen here, especially when we pass Fugleøya (Bird Island). Some people may want to try their luck and dip a fishing line into the water and get a sustainable dinner that night!

Eventually we will visit the Swartisen glacier. Witnessing the breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier can be a truly magical experience of a lifetime, especially considering the threats our glaciers are facing due to climate change.

To top up this experience we will make a celebration onboard when we cross the Arctic Circle (66˚34) and before we know it we will arrive in Bodø where it is time to say bye to your new friends!