About Us

Meet Belén

Belén is a marine biologist and phD candidate that has dedicated the last ten years of her life on studying the oceans. She has been leading projects in sustainable tourism, whale research, underwater acoustic, plastic pollution and citizen science. Belén also works as a wildlife guide and sailor, and has sailed in several places around the world including both poles. She is the founder of Ocean Missions, a non-profit organization in Húsavík, Iceland, that aims to inspire people to protect the oceans by an excellent combination of science, education and sailing. Now she is getting her captain license at Enkhuizen Sailing School to sail around the world and works for eWHALE project.


Meet Heimir

Heimir is from Húsavík, Iceland. He is an explorer by heart and sailor by soul. Since a very young age, he has been travelling and exploring all over the world, always seeking for new adventures. His main passions are wildlife, photography and the traditional way of sailing. He has been working as a captain for more than 20 years on whale watching trips and leading inspiring expeditions, primarily in the Arctic regions. He is the main captain of the beautiful hybrid electric Schooner Opal, co manager in the family company North Sailing and co-founder of Ocean Missions. Now, his captain license allows him to sail worldwide.