getting ready for the sailing season!

Together with captain Heinz, who has been sailing Tilvera for more than 20 years around the world,  we have a wonderful team of passionate sailors that are already working on preparing the ship to start the sailing season!

Tilvera will be spending the next weeks in the shipyard in Den Helder, Netherlands, for annual inspections, painting work, mast revision, compass compensating, renewal of safety equipment and a long list of other things that need to be checked, before we set sail to Norway the 5th of April!

Daiane and Hadassa, our first mates, know the ship inside out and Tilvera is like a home for them. Their dedication and passion for the sailing world is so contagious that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes talking together for them to take you sailing !  Raisa and Christopher as a wonderful couple that we met though Daiane. After spending years restoring their own boat and sailing in tropic areas, they decided to enroll in the sailing school in the Netherlands in order to learn more and be able to work on sailing ships. One of their dreams is to work on sustainability by improving the ships ecological footprint and thus, making sailing life style a more sustainable practice.

Together they created  “Piratas do Amor“ , a liked minded community of people that aims sailing the seven seas in search of people and places that are still connected to the natural world, attune to the laws of the universe and serve as catalysts for global change and collective awakening. After our first conversation together we had an incredible connection and we knew this conenction was ment to happen!

So we have “the dream team”!!

Together we are working on a Sustainable Provisioning action plan for Tilvera, by  implementing concrete practical and easy replicable solutions to the problem of excessive waste and plastic pollution. For example we are purchasing in bulk, choosing sustainable products and mapping local farms that can supply us with organic and healthy products.

Together, we want to inspire our guests and other sailors to navigate in a sustainable way and care for the planet. Setting our course towards sustainability, learning from each other and having fun while improving our relation with nature!

After all, we owe so much to nature and it is time to give back…

Do you want to know more about ocean related sustainable projects?  

Check out one of exciting project (Belén and Heimir) in Iceland – Ocean Missions or @oceanmissionsiceland

Read more about “Piratas do Amor“ here:

Keep inspired!! =D

Text: Belén

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