the Silence of the cash cows!

Some say there is two happy days in the life of a boat owner – the day you buy
the boat and the day you sell it. In this case we certainly got the first one proved
and I have a feeling there are many more days to come, filled with happiness,
excitement and joy. I don’t feel the urge to find out about the later day but
intend to make the gap between them as long and as prosperous as possible.
After all, we are the masters of our own happiness.
So, she’s finally ours, Tilvera (ex Anne Margaretha) with all the responsibilities,
duties and of course with all her endless opportunities and adventures on the
Noted by the Dutch notary February 20th , 16:17 pm, to be precise, undersigned by
Heinz and Greet and and us (Heimir and Belén) on video call from Iceland. It felt
quite intimidating, a point of no return and Belén whispered in my ear, “why do I
feel like I’m getting married?” …how should I know, I’ve never tried!

Whatever this is, let’s hope the honeymoon gets fair winds and following seas.


In the presence of the notary, his assistant and the cash cow (supposedly) the
officials papers were signed and everyone lived happily ever after

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