How it happened…

For years we’ve kept our eyes open for a suitable vessel that could go basically anywhere in the seven seas.   We’ve always had the common dream of having a boat that could become a platform for our missions, bringing likeminded people together, people with similar way of thinking.  After looking at countless vessels online and in real the perfect one came across our path. 

In December 2021 we were in Enkhuizen and Belén was doing her first exams in the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool  I got tipped about a vessel called Anne Margaretha and I took a walk to the harbor where I randomly met captain Heinz Wutschke where he was working caring for her.  I instantly noticed the flawless up keeping of the vessel and after introducing myself we spoke briefly and exchanged contact information.  It was soon clear that we shared a passion for the oceans and exploration of the remotest of places.

A couple of months later I received an e-mail from him where he expressed that maybe it was time for him and his wife to turn the page after 22 years of sailing with their beloved vessel.  He shared that him and Greet, his wife, liked our way of thinking and believed the boat would be in good hands with us, continuing the legacy they had built over the years.  I felt honored that a vessel with such a beautiful history could become ours.  Heinz together with his wife Greet had built the boat around the turn of the century and had since made many incredible voyages with people, mostly in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, currently with about 350.000 nautical miles under her keel.

Good things happen slowly…

In the first months of 2022 me and Belén got to know Heinz, Greet and Anne Margaretha and in April I had the opportunity to sail with Heinz on her from Enkhuizen to Stavanger in Norway and after that I was convinced that we had finally found the vessel of our dreams and almost exactly a year after I had first laid my eyes on her, she was ours.

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