Tilvera is an ancient Icelandic word that stands for “our existance”, “our presence”.

sailing with and for nature

Our intention?

To create and share our own lifestyle, to explore the beauty of our planet, to challenge ourselves and others, to live sustainably and in harmony with nature, to engage with likeminded people and friends while spreading the word about the importance of protecting our oceans worldwide

Our values

→ Slow Travel

Slowing down, living in the “now”, and becoming “one” with nature. This is a journey or self realization towards our responsability to protect nature

→ Challenges

Sailing in all conditions and exploring some of the remotest areas on Earth. By challenging ourselves everyday we feel alive and it makes us stronger

→ Wild Life

We witness the most stunning wildlife while spreading awareness about the need of creating marine protected areas worlwide

Passion, experience and dedication

We are two enthusiastic profesional sailors with an extensive experience and knowledge about nature. We have been working hard to achieve a common life dream and now, it finally came true: having our own sail boat and create our own adventure

We are tight to the sea…

Photo: Valery Vasilevskiy

Belén is a marine scientist that has dedicated the last ten years of her life on studying the oceans. She has been leading projects in sustainable tourism, whale research, underwater acoustic and citizen science. Belén also works as a wildlife guide and sailor, and has sailed in several places around the world including both poles. She is the founder of “Ocean Missions”, a non-profit organization in Húsavík, Iceland, that aims to inspire people to protect the oceans by an excellent combination of science, education and sailing. Now she is getting her captain licence at Enkhuizen Sailing School to sail around the world.

Heimir is from Húsavík, Iceland. He is an explorer by heart and sailor by soul. He has been a captain for more than 20 years on whale watching trips and expeditions, primarily in the Arctic regions. He is the main captain of the beautiful hybrid electric Schooner Opal and manager in the family company North Sailing. Now his captain licence allows him to sail worldwide.

Photo: Frits Meyst

The Ship

Tilvera is a wonderful steel ketch built in the Netherlands and orginally owned by Heinz Wutschke & Greet Dekker. She is strong and capable to sail in all kind of weathers and oceans. She has been sailing for more than twenty years around the world , including both poles proving that she is totally seaworthy and made for adventures. She has eight confortable cabins (there of six twin cabins for guests), an spacious saloon with an inspiring library and a charming deckhouse. Beautifully mantained and well taken care of, Tilvera is ready to sail around the world inspiring minds and hearts and serving as a home for explorers and restless minds.

Photo by Greet Dekker

Technical specifications

Sailing schedule 2023

Trip nrDatesRouteDays MilesCaptainPrice (Eur)
1April 5-19Den Helder (or Enkhuizen)-Bodø151100Heinz1800
2April 21-May 4Bodø- Longyearbyen
(incl. Lofoten trip)
3May 6-13Svalbard (ski-sailing)
8variableHeimirSold out
4May 15-May 22Svalbard (ski sailing)
8variableHeimirSold out
5May 24-June 4Svalbard (west+-north coast)12variableHeinz3500
6June 6- 16Svalbard (west-+north coast)11variableHeinz3400
7June 18-29Longyearbyen-Tromsø12600Heinz2200
8July 1-July 11Tromsø- Bodø (Lofoten trip 2)11± 3501800
9July 12-18Bodø- Iceland (Húsavík)78001200
10July 22-Aug 2Iceland (Akureyri)-Greenland12variableHeinzSold out
11August 2-9Greenland (Scoresby Sound)8380HeimirSold out
12August 9-16Greenland (Scoresby Sound)7380HeimirSold out
1316-23 AugustGreenland (Scoresby Sound)7380HeimirSold out
14Aug 23-30Greenland (Scoresby Sound)7380HeimirSold out
15Aug30- Sept 6Greenland (Scoresby Sound)7380HeimirSold out
16Sept 6-13Greenland (Scoresby Sound)8380HeimirSold out
17Sept 13-25Greenland (Scoresby Sound) + crossing to Húsavík, Iceland13800Heimir7700


Photo by Frits Meyst

For more information and bookings contact us:

Phone: 00354 8410906